Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Owen Swart

I think it's about time I introduced myself... I am Fleet Captain Owen Swart of the Federation Starship Dauntless. Seriously.

Since I was a little boy, I've been fascinated by both the revelations of science, and the visions of possibility presented in science fiction. As an adult (well, legally anyway) I've taken the opportunity to dedicate the bulk of my spare time to promoting both of these ideas in any venue I could find.

My own blog, 01 and the Universe is devoted primarily to sceptical analysis of ideas in popular culture, be they religious, political or pseudo-scientific - and sometimes some Star Trek.

Although I have yet to settle into any sort of specialist niche, as far as scepticism is concerned, one of my pet peeves is the proponents of the Planet X and Ancient Astronauts silliness. Oh, and homeopathy.

I'm really looking forward to contributing to this blog with my esteemed colleagues, not to mention reading their contributions!

Swart out.

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